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Processes of mutual influence generate change and development." (Longres, 1990. 19) Each person in a family is part of the whole system. A family can be thought of as a "holon, simultaneously a whole and a part of a larger system." (Longres, 1990, p.

266) Interaction (communication) between the parts is what brings the system to life.

Positive feedback challenges destructive and unexamined rules, both overt and covert." (Bradshaw, 1988, p.

29-30) John Bradshaw demonstrated the concept of dynamic homeostatic principle by using a mobile of a family.

In systems theory, higher levels can control lower levels.

(2) Change and conflict are always evident in a system.

Individuals both influence their environments and are influenced by them.

"Newer research...indicates that as many as 38% of women are molested in childhood.

There are many acknowledged problems with even this research, but the greatest is this: what is not remembered cannot be reported.

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