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Employees, especially younger employees, are less likely to do so because they have less at stake if panhandling disrupts business (Goldstein 1993).

Police must also be concerned with the welfare of panhandlers who are vulnerable to physical and verbal assault by other panhandlers, street robbers or passersby who react violently to being panhandled.6 Panhandlers often claim certain spots as their own territory, and disputes and fights over territory are not uncommon.7 †† In one study, 50 percent of panhandlers claimed to have been mugged within the past year (Goldstein 1993).

Panhandling and its variants are only one form of disorderly street conduct and street crime about which police are concerned.

Other forms—not directly addressed in this guide—include: Some of these other forms of disorderly street conduct may also be attributable to panhandlers, but this is not necessarily so.

Finally, it reviews responses to the problem, and what is known about those responses from evaluative research and police practice.

Generally, there are two types of panhandling: passive and aggressive.

The guide begins by describing the panhandling problem and reviewing factors that contribute to it.

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Aggressive panhandling is soliciting coercively, with actual or implied threats, or menacing actions.

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People's opinions about panhandling are rooted in deeply held beliefs about individual liberty, public order and social responsibility.

Their opinions are also shaped by their actual exposure to panhandling—the more people are panhandled, the less sympathetic they are toward panhandlers.11 While begging is discouraged on most philosophical grounds and by most major religions, many people feel torn about whether to give money to panhandlers.12 Some people tolerate all sorts of street disorder, while others are genuinely frightened by it.

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