Dating a pot head

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It's revealed in the next film that Willis came back from the grave as an undead being, and that is how he is able to come back for Julie after being shot. In the film I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, there is an article stating that four teens were murdered at the Bahamas, possibly referring to Julie, Ray, Ty, and Karla.

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He was a star football player before his high school graduation, and suffers from a worrying, domineering mother who cannot bear the thought of Barry leaving her.

He has been Helen's longtime boyfriend, but the two of them break up sometime after graduating from high school.

However, they reconcile their relationship a year later when Ben attacks Helen.

She comes from a large, and financially struggling family, and suffers verbal abuse from her bitter older sister, Elsa. Collingsworth Wilson chases her into her bathroom, where she falls from a second-story window, but recovers.

Barry William Cox is one of the main characters in the original film, portrayed by Ryan Phillippe.

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