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The new health care contract will go into effect April 1.

The potential value of the contract wasnt available Thursday evening, but a previous two-year contract with another company was worth 0 million.

Committee members can delay the contracts for 45 days but do not have the power to cancel them.

The investigations by the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Immigration and Customs Enforcement expanded to Washington, DC, and Virginia, but has not resulted in fines, penalties or charges, a Chipotle spokesman said.

The company, through a spokesman, said the majority of these suits are driven by plaintiffs’ lawyers, not employees, and they are an unfortunate reality for Chipotle and a number of other companies.

Allen said none had worked for the company in at least six years. There was no politics involved in this selection," Allen said.

But Michael Davis, a lawyer representing Wexford, said company officials wanted to meet with the commissioner before the contract was finalized.

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