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When the user is asked for the four digit PIN to authorise the transaction, they only need to key in a random code.

The software attached to the card then signals to the till terminal that a correct PIN has been used.

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Money Claim Online is an option where the seller’s address is in England or Wales. FURNITURE OMBUDSMAN There is a Furniture Ombudsman see call 08.

Either visit a local bureaux or call its consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06 or see

A fatal flaw in the chip and PIN technology that is supposed to guarantee the security of millions of credit and debit cards has been identified by scientists.

You are 78 and 80 years old and were desperate to get your money back. That will get me off the starting blocks as far as looking into a query.

Then again you hadn’t approached the bank and I do not make first approaches.

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