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It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get long-term help, because private lenders simply aren’t required to offer you any sort of relief.In fact, any forbearance is strictly subject to their approval.Private student loans can have variable interest rates that increase or decrease over time.

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Your best option for relief from private student loan repayment might be to consolidate and refinance your private loans.Plus, recent statistics estimate that private student loans issued in 2012-13 totaled .2 billion.While we’re committed to helping borrowers to repay both their federal and private student loans, there simply aren’t as many options for private student loan repayment.If your private loans are small in value or have lower interest rates, then this strategy might not make clear financial sense right now.Just keep in mind that you always have more flexibility with federal student loans, should you have to adjust your repayment strategy down the road.

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