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Alex doesn't see eye-to-eye with the other man in Izzie's life because he's not real, and Meredith and Cristina don't see eye-to-eye on anything, which means they aren't talking and Cristina looks elsewhere to vent.Written by Moviedude1 Derek refuses to let a death row inmate die from injuries sustained in a prison riot, Miranda refuses to let a little boy die because he can't get the badly-needed transplant, Denny refuses to let his relationship with Izzie die, Lexie won't let her budding relationship with Mark die, and Derek's visiting mother puts everyone's mother first on priority lists.

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Derek asks Meredith for further changes in her living arrangements.Written by Moviedude1 The residents compete for the opportunity to be the first one to solo, but Izzie's demons return in the form of a patient of Dr.Hahn's, who finds out the real reason her patient still is waiting for a heart.Meanwhile, Callie has problems in taking her relationship to the next level with Erica, and Meredith feels slighted when her name is left out of the medical journal report on her clinical trial with Derek.Written by Moviedude1 The new military doctor brings a new training method to the residents and interns for dealing with trauma, while Miranda is presented with the task of treating a ten year old girl with an illness that's considered inoperable by many, including Dr. Callie questions her preferences, while Meredith stumbles across an old doll while going through some of her mother's things, Lexi avoids George for not asking for her as an intern, and Alex questions what he and Izzie have between them.

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