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They are currently hiring and looking for North American teachers. They teach English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and some other languages to adults.

Way Up is a New York company that teaches English to Chinese students through their platform.

The pay starts at but goes up to after 30 days.

They will consider a higher wage for teachers experienced with TOEFL and for those who speak Portuguese.

This is a list that I will be updating, please leave a comment if you have any experiences with these companies or know of any others that should be added to the list.

It looks like they teach kids in China and the parents pick the teachers for their kids. Click here for comments and discussion about this company.

They only want native speakers with teaching experience from Canada or the USA. Topic-Time is a small American Skype company with Japanese students. Rype is based in the US and is designed for students on the go. Western Wise (website is down) is a small American company that teaches Chinese children aged 5-14.

I imagine it would be interesting working for Duolingo, probably a great job. LOI English is based in Montana and requires teachers to be available for at least 25 hours a month.

All their material is online and they give classes with Skype.

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