George hamilton dating now annable dating dave field sally

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'Please don't get the impression that I just went out with famous women,' he says.

He wafts his hand and a little cloud of cologne escapes from his cuff and drifts across the room. There were lots of other, less famous girlfriends, all of whom he seems to have parted from on remarkably amicable terms.

' But, whatever the deficiencies of the artist – legion – he's managed to capture the contradiction that lies at the heart of George Hamilton.

Here is someone who seems to suffer from one of the most advanced cases of narcissism ever recorded.

George Hamilton was born on August 12, 1939, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Following high school, Hamilton's good looks caught the eye of studio executives.

Hamilton was the first child born to Ann and George Hamilton Sr., who was a touring society bandleader.

He's wearing a long trench coat with the collar turned up and has one foot forward as if he's about to step out of the frame.Hamilton attended Palm Beach High School, where he developed an affinity for drama..Although his performance was considered wooden, his chiseled features and movie star good looks won the attention of studio executives.His hair – raven black – is swept back, the chin chiselled, the mouth full and slightly curled up at the corners, as if he's laughing at some private joke. 'My mother wanted me to have it done, although that's hardly any excuse.' He gives a chuckle.The subject, of course, is George Hamilton himself. 'Only an actor would have that on his wall, don't you think?

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