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But after her first year, it was clear that she had undergone a dramatic change.I always teach graduate seminars with the chairs in a circular formation – I find that it encourages discussion and puts the students at ease – so I had a very good view of Samantha that day as she entered the classroom ten minutes after we'd started discussing the assigned reading.I wondered what had happened to her over the summer.Was it merely a case of being a few months older, more mature?She approached me as I was shoving my lecture notes back into my messenger bag."Hi professor Carver." She flipped a stray piece of black hair over her shoulder. " She smiled up at me with large brown eyes and full lips."I saw you looking at me." "I was looking at you because you came in late," I snapped, "make sure it doesn't happen again." "Or what?" "Or you're grade will be affected," I said, confused by her challenge to my authority.

"Darn," she said as she walked towards the classroom door.

I kept glancing at the door, expecting her to come in at any moment.

I had spent the better part of my free time in the past week trying not to think about all of the dirty things I would like to do with Samantha in bed – or in my office, for that matter.

I felt my cock stir involuntarily as she took her place, once again at the desk directly across from me.

"Sorry, I'm late," she said, interrupting the class discussion, "I had car trouble." "Quite alright," I mumbled, "let's stay on task." As the discussion continued, I kept glancing under Samantha's desk.

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