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There should be contingency plans in place to handle such occurrences.Not to mention when one of our major airports looses power for the day!!!!! Modern Trains could travel 600 kph across the US BUT THE AIRCRAFT COMPANYS seem to work to keep Am track etc in the dumps of the last century .. I would value a station that tells us about an incident like this but not say anything about a cause until they know for sure.They recently bought a beachfront house in Carpenteria, California, and on Monday the raging fires came so close they had to evacuate their cats and dogs – and move into another one of their homes.

Republicans still have no problem with Russia illegally obtaining and Wikileaks publishing personal e-mails from Clinton's campaign. I was a government employee and still am a wisconsin resident. It was ok for Hillary but now you don't want Trump to get caught. Did Trump ask Russia to get Hillary’s emails and delivered to Trump sleaze people.

Trump and his rich friends just got a major tax break.

We as passengers are expected to come to the airport prepared. but hey, don't worry about it as you travel during the holidays.

But he was ALREADY a millionaire, thanks to his entertainment business – bars and lounges worldwide. MOST IMPORTANT, George didn’t know even ONE WOMAN in his life deserving of such a gift? There’s no doubt that George is a nice guy, but this proves that even nice guys don’t help women…

America was always last on the list with all your former Presidents! Be nice if they spent something on infrastructure, but you know the rich, they need their tax breaks.

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