Rules for dating my teenage daughter joke

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This means not only asking how she is doing; I also ask how her boyfriend is.I ask how his family is doing, and what they do for fun. I have no contempt for him, just because he’s seeing my a warm and funny look at life with teenagers, a survival guide written by a man who isn't sure he's actually surviving.A New York Times bestseller, the book has proven popular for parents, teenagers, and former teenagers everywhere.

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But as the parent, I have to grow up and realize that this is what 16-year-olds do.LOST CHAPTER: Read the excerpt "That big Ten Commandments monument has been removed from the courthouse in Alabama.It's been replaced, I believe, with eight simple rules for dating my daughter." "The book 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter is hysterically funny and universally entertaining.Buy his book for yourself and a copy for all of your friends NOW before they sell out!We all need to laugh and thank God, we have Bruce Cameron to help us out." "8 Simple Rules is not about daughter control, it's about bladder control.

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