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That was one of the reasons she had fallen for him, his sense of humour. Joanne giggled, "In fact, I need it so bad that I might just drag someone in off the street." "Stop it," Mark said, sounding increasingly strained. " Joanne called, "Come over here, and fuck me." This was fun, winding her husband up like this. " She was still touching herself, and her own orgasm was growing close. There were jobs that needed doing, but that was what the bot was for. It watched its Mistress Joanne pick up the telecommunications headset, which they called a 'phone' and begin talking, but very quickly, she seemed to become sexually aroused. The bot had followed her to where she was sprawled out on the sofa.

Joanne saw the bot's head turn at the call of it's name. "Robbie," she called softly, her eyes closing sleepily, "Will you take care of things for me? She was saying very inappropriate things to whoever it was on the other line, and whatever was being communicated back seemed to be having an arousing effect on her. That was difficult for its processor to identify, but logic dictated that it when in doubt, it wasn't allowed to act. She had pulled down the clothing garments that covered her lower half, and was self-stimulating again.

A7X0 finished washing the dinner plates, and turned its drying attachment on.

Once everything was dried and put away, it turned around and headed into the living room, but there it stopped, in the doorway, looking at the sight before it.

There were various cleaning jobs to be done, the lawn needed mowing and she also wanted to start on decorating the stairs. She slipped a hand down her trousers, and into her panties. " Mark's voice was almost a whisper, and there was a quiver to it that gave away what he was doing to himself.

As she programmed Robbie the bot, she was tempted to ask it what it had been doing at the bedroom door yesterday evening, but she didn't. "Hey baby," said Mark, sounding particularly happy. " Joanne asked, idly watching the bot clean the table nearby. "Okay," she said, trying to keep her voice cool and level, she didn't want him to think she wasn't up to this, "So am I. "Very," Joanne purred, and she dared to slip a finger into herself.

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It was programmed to do several things, not to damage itself, other robots, animals or humans and to do as it was instructed by its owners, as long as these instructions didn't compromise the earlier rules. It could do most things any human could do, which was the whole point of robots. Mining and hunting bots had taken the place of human workers having to put themselves in dangerous situations years ago, and now domestic robots were becoming commonplace to do household chores while their owners were at work or whatever.

He tugged down her jeans and knickers together, while freeing himself from his zipper.

"I've been thinking about you all day, sweetheart, let me take care of things for you," he said as she obligingly moved her feet apart so that he shove himself into her wet pussy. The reference that it used when connecting to the internet for updates and bug fixes.

"Well, I thought we could have phone sex," Mark suggested. As she toyed with her clit, she could feel a potential orgasm slowly rising inside her. " The call was cut off suddenly, filling Joanne with a huge sense of disappointment. Then she shrugged, seeing the funny side, imagining her husband hurriedly putting his cock away before his boss caught him. "I might as well finish myself off though," she muttered to herself, and sliding her panties and jeans past her hips, she rubbed her clit until she had a back-arching orgasm.

Joanne could tell that he was in a fun mood, there was a lightness to his voice, a sense of mirth. "I really want fucking, right now." "I'm going to cum," Mark repeated, an urgency in his tone. Afterwards, relaxation flooded through her, and felt like having a nap.

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