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Going into Monday night’s show our users predicted Owens would be eliminated from the competition and also get the lowest judges’ score, while Jordan Fisher was forecast to receive the high score for the third time.The theme of this week’s show was “Guilty Pleasures,” with each contestant performing a routine inspired by their secret indulgences. Find out below in our live blog, featuring commentary by me as well as Gold Derby contributors Jeffrey Kare and Cordell Martin. Daniel Montgomery, pm — It’s almost showtime for “Dancing with the Stars” “Guilty Pleasures Night.” Cordell Martin, pm — I think we’ll be saying bye to an athlete tonight.Loved hearing the theme music from “Scream.” DM, pm — Those 8s did seem somewhat generous.

Once you got into hold with Alan I thought it was a terrific routine.” Bruno added, “Mommy keeps getting yummier …Okay, it might still be a little early for 10s, even if most or all of the routines are significant improvements from last week.But maybe not — “Latin Night” last Tuesday gave us the season’s first 9 from a most unlikely place: not frontrunners Lindsey Stirling or Jordan Fisher, but Frankie Muniz, whose cha cha earned him the highest score of the evening and the highest score of the season so far (two 8s and a 9 for a total of 25 out of 30).Was a bit too slow in the beginning but began to pick up towards the end.Jeffrey Kare, pm — While not outstanding, I thought it was fine overall.

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