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Hello, I saw a similar thread posted from May 3, 2016; however, the file's "source" may have been different.Or, the circumstances under which the "update notification" showed up on my computer may have also been different.If you are unable to play the clip after trying these suggestions, try connecting to the site at an alternate time of the day. But what if something from the 90s never left in the first place? It used to be the case that if you wanted to stream a song, or a (grainy) video clip, you to use it. Instead, it was awkward and clunky, and the streams themselves took forever to load.My IE11 is my default web app and, for now, I will keep it that way (I'm not comfortable with Edge because, as I understand, the Norton Security Toolbar is not compatible with Edge at this time).

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After seeing the File Insight pop up this morning, I decided to submit the file to Norton (from Quarantine). @Saganized: you can enhance your lines of defense by performing the actions below: As for the malicious pipeischool-scout[dot]org, a user, named [email protected] Norton Safe Web (NSW), just posted the same concern here. And, I kindly recommend that you submit that quarantined item to Symantec.

It still sucks, but it’s worth looking at how things have changed over the years.

If you were to ask anyone in their twenties or older what their enduring memory of Real Player is, you’re unlikely to get a positive response.

If you still have problems, increase the time-out settings by ten seconds and try again.

Keep trying until the clip plays or it becomes obvious that increasing the time-out settings will not resolve this problem.

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