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The Jupiter Saturn cycle is an outstanding guide to Middle East politics of the 21st century as the US/Israeli/Western combination asserts its dominance over the Middle East.

Here's how well the cycle's aspects and timing works.

This aspect, due to its polarity, brings matters to a 'face-off' as it concludes the waxing part of the cycle.

Correlating remarkably close to the opposition's first appearance, on May 20 2010, Israeli commandos raid a 'Freedom Flotilla' bound for Gaza with humanitarian aid.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle, relating to the politics of law and order, began on May 2000, right upon the Taurean Sun of Israel's foundation horoscope. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle runs twenty years, ending in December 2020.

At its inception, in 2000, negotiations between Israel and Palestine, over the status of Jerusalem, broke down.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was getting anxious with the US ambiguity of not criticizing Israel's illegal settlements, nor mentioning the two-state solution. On the heels of Trump's announcement came a strange statement from Israeli Prime Minister Bin Netanyahu. “Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years.” No doubt he was referring to the BC years of King David and Solomon.

EDT on October 11 and was signed into law by President Bush on October 16 2002. On July 2 2003 President Bush announced that US troops would remain in Iraq and that month an interim government was formed.

A critical turning point beginning December as Israel's PM, Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke from which he never recovered.

On June 25 an Israeli soldier was captured on the Gaza border (he would be returned at the Jupiter-Saturn opposition) leading to 'Operation Summer Rains', a brutal war on Gaza from June 28th.

The Israel-Lebanon war in the same time period was even more lethal with over one thousand, mostly civilians, killed.

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