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Melissa Meeks, the estranged wife of Jeremy Meeks, waited for him while he completed his prison stint – but was left "heartbroken" when Jeremy moved on with the former Made in Chelsea beauty, who have since sparked engagement rumours.Now, it seems Melissa – who has since filed for divorce from Jeremy – has well and truly moved on, in one of the most bizarre couplings of the year.We've discussed this and his comment was if he splits the support 3 ways then she'll just take him to court for more money..he doesn't have.

All of a sudden she appeared at the top of the steps and sat down on the floor with us and our son...leaving the baby gate open, that was just an added aggrivation.She goes into the kids room in my boyfriends' house and takes clothes or sometimes pieces of furnature...which he then has to replace.She still has personal items stored in his basement, including her wedding dress from when they were married.I guess I'm just looking for some words of wisdom from anyone who's been there, done that.Your problem isn't with the ex, it is with your boyfriend.

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